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oak leaf line drawing - Birdi Sinclair

Meet Dr. Birdi Sinclair

Spiritual Director, Spiritual Counselor,
Wholeness Arts Coach™, Intuitive Medium, Love Maverick

Ama la vita d'altro,

Birdi Sinclair

​We think about being in Transition. The Between is not the same. Transition is the edges, the cusp, of one place to another. The Between is the experience - and the place between the edges, the experience and place itself, not the before and after or the anticipation of what’s coming or the memory of what was before. It’s the bardo, the disruption within the edges of transitions. It's the Between. And it has become my fascination, because in some way, we are actually always there. Change is the nature of existence. How we are in relationship with change, with our existence, is the conversation that happens in the Dear Between, that is always inviting us there, inviting us to explore our wholeness. 

In decades companioning those in hospice, eol doula and grief care, mediumship, therapeutic arts, and spiritual direction, I have found it is the spaces between that if not given time, care, conversation, we are always pushing through, experiencing a disconnect from our wholeness, our richness of life. My creative, spiritual, and professional lives have been devoted to this place of Between as a way to Wholeness. We have many ways to walk together with your individual nature and needs. 


We are here to experience the full spectrum of life, all the love, and change, in the ever-moving experiences as a mind, body, spirit being, who is part of the community of nature. We are meant to experience the Between. It's part of our design.

I'm here to support you between the edges. 

Dear Between, 

"I am worn out, feeling alone. I ache for something."
"Sometimes I feel disconnected from my self, my world."
"So many changes. I keep up on the outside, but I feel rushed inside." 

"I'm excited by where I'm going, but where I am now overwhelms me."
"I lost so much, I need some guidance to trust what's next."
"I know there's more. How do I connect with it?"

I'm Dr. Birdi Sinclair, and together, we have a conversation with Between, our space of change,
guiding you home in wholeness in mind, body, spirit 


Connected, Refreshed, Restored 

Grief and Loss: Between the Raw and Out

Beginning in July, spanning several weeks.
My decades of professional and personal experience are yours.
We are more together.

a multi-media, free series, from my heart to yours... 

Dear Between, 

Where am I?   How can we do this?


Dear Between, I find myself in the space of ...

Joyful Changes

adjusting to marriage, parenthood, LGBTQA+, & the thresholds of new roles of life

Life Decisions

a promotion, education, a major move geographical or otherwise, health, etc. 


disease and illness, death, divorce, tragedy, confusions, with the world, family, friend, self. 

 How do I be with myself here? What do I do now? Whatever I am experiencing, there are often more choices than I may think.

Here are some: 

Spiritual Coaching, Counseling, Direction

1:1, couples, classes, groups. Self-discovery, Healing, Care. Development. Deep questions of belonging, connection, healing in mind, body, spirit become the focus of this personalized space we create. 

I welcome couples and non-traditional relationships navigating intricacies of weaving and unweaving. We will depart from traditional talk therapy and have dynamic interactions. 

Groups & Classes

Here and through my sister site, supportive, creative explorations and community are always in motion, or even at rest, together. 

Grief, EOL Doula Care

Special care for the Between of life, death, after death. Our loved ones include our animal companion relationships. I have a special interest in supporting those with animal companions through their end times, and the grief we may feel.

Original Art

As an artist and author, my pieces reflect The Between, honoring moments in time, nature, and our senses and being. 

Botany                           _edited

Rites of passage are part of the Between. Personal, group sacred times are marked within us, and sometimes with community. Guidance, creation, teaching, celebration, reverence, awe & wholeness

Ritual & Ceremony, & Sacred Retreats

Intuitive Services

As an engaged mystic, I am a lifelong psychic medium, animal communicator, and medical intuitive.This supports our work as requested. 

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"We weren't even sure what we were looking for. We were in a rut, having some problems with work, getting ready to sell a property, having some in-law issues and some other things. She was not at all judgmental or negative and kept us positive and productive. The insights she was able to share with us were priceless. We can't even tell you. EVERYTHING.

She'll help you."

— Brian and Jamir

oak leaf line drawing - Birdi Sinclair

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